With the number of policyholders required to be a successful insurance company, it is no mystery that most adjusters work almost solely via the telephone. However, field investigation is still a vital part of many claims.  Let ACOREM Insurance Consulting conduct your in-the-field work when necessary.  



If you are an auto dealer that writes loans, you know just how important it is to verify that your collateral is adequately insured with proper physical damage deductibles. You may not have time to contact the insurers on the vehicles on which you hold the lien to ensure your interest is protected.  Allow ACOREM Insurance Consulting to conduct your insurance verification for you;  just send us your worklist and let us do the work.  

Let's face it; no one wants to deal with insurance.  To most it feels, at best, like a necessary evil. One generally only thinks of it when something bad has happened.  And despite the best efforts of insurance agents and companies, distrust still lingers. That's where ACOREM Insurance Consulting comes in; we take the mystery out of property and casualty insurance, from home to renters and auto insurance. 



Insurance is the language of the Practical Life

We live in an unpredictable world.  Hazards abound; from fire, to  weather phenomena to human activity, our homes and businesses are vulnerable to damages that can disrupt our lives. Insurance is important for recovery, but adequate planning is necessary to prepare for, respond to and lessen the impact of unforeseen occurrences.  

Let us help you create emergency management plans tailor- made for your business or your home.  From evacuation to terrorist acts we can help you better protect your family and business staff and customers. 

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